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If not ObamaCare, then what?

March 30, 2012

We have to have some kind of national healthcare plan.  It is amazing that the leading industrialized country in the free world can’t guarantee some kind of basic health plan for its citizens.

ObamaCare may not be perfect, but I’ll give the President credit for at least trying to solve a problem that will only get worse as the population ages and the Great Recession continues to take a toll on people, families, and budgets (including the Federal!) stretched to the breaking point.  It looks like ObamaCare may not survive the court challenge,0,4382491.story so we are back to square one with problems like this,,0,5148764.story , people forced to turn to the emergency room for dental care.

Healthcare is expensive for a variety of reasons, some of which can be dealt with directly (tort reform).  No matter what plan is passed, it’s going to cost a lot of money. Everyone — doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and individuals — will feel the financial pain.  It’s critical that young people18-34, generally the healthiest group, pay something into a plan and get coverage.  Without these individuals, payers with a lower rate of claims, any plan is doomed to failure.  That’s why the mandatory purchase provisions were added to the current plan passed by Congress but apparently are destined to be shot down by the Supreme Court. But the cost of not passing a plan is greater, in both financial and human terms.  The problem will only get bigger the longer we wait.



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  1. Shelby Ostergaard permalink

    and bigger. and bigger.

    I’m getting a whole lot of debt for my 18th birthday on this one too, aren’t I?

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