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Rice Still Isn’t Romney’s Vice Presidential Choice

July 13, 2012


No matter how many times she emphatically denies that she’s interested in the job, Condoleezza Rice can’t seem to shake being named as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate

This Wall St. Journal article sums it up, having Rice, a Washington experienced black woman with foreign policy experience shakes up the campaign like no other candidate possibly could.

But there’s one little problem.  Rice has been asked the question in virtually every interview she’s given since leaving her post as national security advisor to George Bush.  Just last month during a CBS interview, she said, “I didn’t run for student council president; I don’t see myself in any way in elective office. I love policy, I’m not particularly fond of politics….I’m saying there is no way I will do this, because it’s really not me.”

Ironically, Sarah Palin said on Fox the other night that she thinks Rice would be a “wonderful” choice, while the Washington Post calls Rice “the anti-Palin.”

Bottom line, Condi isn’t going to be the veep choice, no matter how many trial balloons are floated or what Matt Drudge reports.  I’m still sticking with my Rob Portman pick.  We’ll all find out soon enough and the real campaign for the White House will kick into high gear.


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